Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co
Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand * Preorder - Wands of Lust Co

Phoebe Rose Quartz Wand

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Let Wands of Lust Co. awaken your inner goddess with love and joy while healing the depths of your soul with mental, physical, and spiritual pleasure.

Phoebe can provide you the self-care and love your body and soul craves with this 100% rose quartz pleasure wand. Order now for intense, wonderful pleasure.

 This 100% rose quartz crystal pleasure wand takes on her namesake to awaken the goddess inside of you with a thicker end for G-spot activation and a slimmer end for cervical massage, assists with stimulating the yoni. 

Phoebe was a member of the Titans(Greek Gods) Today, her name means “pure, radiant, bright, shining.

Rose quartz targets the heart chakra, attracting love and filling the spirit with contentment. This crystal wand will not simply electrify your physical senses. It will also awaken a deeper, spiritual feeling of self-love, revitalising and reenergising the soul. 

Material:   100% Rose Quartz

Weight:   325g

Measurements:   17.5 x 3.5cm

- Personal Massage

- Increase libido and awaken your sensuality

- Increase natural lubrication, meditation

- Develop an intimate and loving relationship with your body and yourself

♡Use our crystal care toy sanitiser or

♡ Cleanse with mild soap and water both before and after use.

When should you cleanse your crystals ?

There are a few times that it is recommended to cleanse your crystals

- When you first purchase your crystals and bring them home.

- You might also want to cleanse them if you’re going through intense or difficult times and are in need of as much positive energy.

- If you have allot of stress in your life try once a month.- Alternatively every 3-6 months is recommenced.

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All Parcels send in plain discreet packaging.
♡ Comes with a branded pouch for safe keeping
♡ Plastic free packaging


♡ Awaken your sensuality, enhance intimate experiences, and discover new realms of pleasure.

♡ Infuse wellness into your intimate care routine, creating a balance between physical and spiritual well-being.

♡ Crystal wands interact with your body's energy field, helping to align chakras and improve overall energy flow.

♡ Incorporating a crystal pleasure wand into your self-care regimen can promote mindfulness and enhance your body connection.

♡ Regular usage of the crystal pleasure wands can foster greater body positivity and boost self-confidence.

♡ Each crystal carries unique healing properties, offering a range of therapeutic benefits.

♡ Being natural and non-toxic, our crystal pleasure wands are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional intimate care products.

At Wands of Lust, we celebrate every woman's journey towards self-love, empowerment, and wellness. Join this transformative journey with our Crystal Pleasure Wands, and start experiencing pleasure with a whole new perspective.

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