julie Mlinaric


Hi, I'm Julie the Founder of Wands of Lust co.

my story

I have used Yoni eggs for years now and have had a huge contrast in my sexual pleasure, before i suffered from chronic vaginismus (vaginal tightness) making it unbearable to have any sexual penetration with my partner or for self pleasure which lead me to focus on clitoral orgasms for my only source of pleasure.

Now I am able to orgasm internally and able to have G-spot orgasms which has changed my life and inspired me to start Wands of Lust co to change other women's sexual experiences just as it has changed mine.


Wands of lust co specializes in crystal pleasure wands, Yoni eggs, Yoni care and Massage oils and more.

With our crystals you can focus on self-love, revitalising and reenergising the soul to  awaken the goddess inside you. 
At its core, my business is about empowering women to take control of their own pleasure, healing, and self-care. 

My products are made from ethically sourced crystals and self-care products are made with naturally derived ingredients. 
There are many benefits of using these products including clearing and protecting your energy field of negative energies, releasing stress and anxiety from the body, boosting self-confidence, raise vibrations and moods, increasing self awareness and learning to listen to your body.

who is julie ?

I'm a 30-something woman living in Sydney, Australia.I love the beach, good food and wine, and I try to stay active at the gym and by walking my dog Alfie.

Sexual Wellness

A healthy mind and a happy body are not just the stuff of fantasies.

We all have our own idea about what it means to be sexually fulfilled, but there really is no better time than right now for you try something new.

In order to have sexual wellness one must first be comfortable with themselves; feeling sexually desirable can make all the difference. I'm confident that I've curated an exceptional selection of unique products to introduce to the market, just for you.