Crystal energy and the full moon….

Ever wondered what the full moon is all about?

It is the most powerful of all lunar cycles, and if you know how to harness its purifying energy - it can have a spiritual effect. At full moon, it allows us to forge new paths of personal awareness, releasing what no longer serves us and rebalances only positive energy.

So why are crystals related to full moon?

Crystals can store energy from the environment.Yes, that’s right! Crystals absorb positive and negative energies so they need cleansing to reset occasionally - clearing out the old and ready itself for the new.

It is most effective during full moon because the moonlight is perfect for recharging energies (through vibration from the light of the moon) and returning crystals to their authentic state.

Full moon charging is a gentle method for crystals to cope with - much gentler than the sun. 

Full moon ritual using crystals

Like a sponge soaked with water, crystals are soaked with energy. Here’s how to recharge its energy under the moonlight:

Check moon phases, Link here

Cleanse your crystal first, Learn how to here... 

♡ Create a sacred place right where the light of the full moon hits directly at your crystal

♡ Let it charge overnight

♡ Collect it the next morning

If you have specific intentions, simply hold the crystal close to you, take a deep breath, focus on the crystal and set your intention. Then let the crystal supercharge your intentions!And of course you can cleanse more than one crystal at full moon. Just make sure they are not stacked on top of each other, give them some space.

Crystals that talk powerfully with the full moon

Some crystals benefit more from a moonlight recharge, and they are:

♡ Selenite

♡ Moonstone

♡ Amethyst

 ♡ Labradorite

♡ Clear quartz


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