Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co
Le Coq - Wands of Lust Co

Le Coq

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♡ Comes with a branded pouch for safe keeping
♡ Plastic free packaging
♡ Discrete and private exterior packaging

three size ring set

With Frenchie silicone rings we make it tres easy to keep it sexy without having to worry about your baguette getting soggy and limp. Going solo or with a partner (or trois), wearing our ring may keep you going harder, longer and stronger than ever.

May help you last longer and stay stronger

  • 100% Natural Medical Grade Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic with no irritation
  • Multiple uses to assist with staying harder, longer and stronger
  • Non-toxic & body safe
  • Odourless & Nonporous

    Size: 3x rings sized, 52mm, 48mm and 44mm each in diameter

    • Supersoft Silicone Medical-grade soft silicone
    • Hypoallergenic Natural and pure materials used that won't irritate the skin
    • Strong & Stretchy Find your perfect fit with 3 different ring sizes for any fit or use, super stretchy and strong


    Put in on before you’re penis gets too hard
    The circular sex tool can be placed on the penis at any stage, but most often it’s advised to put it on while flaccid or semi-hard for ease of use. It’s possible to put a c-ring on a fully erect penis, though it may be uncomfortable and a bit more difficult and will depend which type you choose, so it’s best to pop it on first. 

    Wear it around your penis or scrotum

    You can place your c-ring either around the base of the penis only, or under the scrotum to constrict blood flow from the balls and the shaft.

    If you’re using it around your testicles, gently place them through one at a time, then you can fold and slip your penis through. Lube will make this process far easier. Or, you can place the c-ring over your penis first and then stretch it around and underneath your scrotum to get the testicles inside the ring. 

    If you’re using it for the penis only, then simply slide it all the way down to the base of the shaft, nice and close to your body.

    Use a high-quality water-based lubricant

    Start by grabbing some good quality water-based lubricant, like Frenchie’s Oh La La Love Lube, and place a few drops on the inside of the ring to allow for your c-ring to slide smoothly over your penis and to avoid any unwanted friction, snags or pulling on the skin or hair.

    A quick note on lube - it’s always recommended to use a water-based lube with sex toys, especially silicone ones. Using silicone lube with a silicone toy can cause it to corrode and cause damage. Not ideal!

    Cleanse with mild soap and water both before and after use.

    When should you cleanse your crystals ?

    There are a few times that it is recommended to cleanse your crystals

    - When you first purchase your crystals and bring them home.

    - You might also want to cleanse them if you’re going through intense or difficult times and are in need of as much positive energy.

    - If you have allot of stress in your life try once a month.- Alternatively every 3-6 months is recommenced.

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