My 6-Week Jade Egg Journey
Awakening Self-Love and Deepening My Practice
August 18, 2023 - One Week Before the Training Begins

I've always been passionate about empowering women to take control of their own pleasure, healing, and self-care. But lately, I've been feeling burnt out and disconnected from my own sexual energy.

That's why I've decided to embark on a 6-week jade egg training journey. Guided by the captivating and calming Manjit, I aim to reconnect with my inner self and deepen my practice. This blog will document my highs, lows, and everything in between.

The Emotional Starting Point

In this demanding time, I find myself juggling multiple roles. I'm working full-time, running Wands of Lust, and on top of that, I'm overwhelmed by the pressure to be the perfect sister, daughter, friend, and colleague. It's like I'm spinning multiple plates, and I'm afraid they'll all come crashing down.

I recently came across a quote in a Barbie movie that resonated deeply with me:

Gloria’s Monologue In
Barbie Movie

I've been feeling like a shadow of myself lately—burnt out, detached from my sexual experiences, and overwhelmed by the pressure to be the perfect sister, daughter, friend, and colleague. It's been a tough few months of realization, and I've been yearning for a change. When Manjit suggested this course, it felt like the universe was aligning just for me.

The Catalyst: Meeting Manjit

I've been working with Manjit for the past year, she's a beacon of calm in my chaotic world. Her voice, her wisdom, and her approach to jade egg training felt like a personal invitation from the universe, telling me it's time to focus on me.

What I Hope to Gain

As the days counted down to the start of the training, I found myself filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Could this really be the key to unlocking a happier, healthier me? I'm eager to find out and share this transformative journey with you all.

I hope to emerge from this journey with a revitalized sense of self-love and a deeper understanding of my own body and its needs.

Expert Wisdom: Manjit's Take on Jade Egg Training

Manjit often speaks about the transformative power of jade egg training. She believes it's not just a physical exercise but a spiritual awakening.

I'm ready to dive deep into this practice and awaken the dormant goddess within me.

The Physical and Emotional Baseline

Masturbation: Every 2-3 days, but the joy is missing.

Last Jade Practice: Over a month ago, before this new chapter beckoned.

An Invitation to Join Me

This is my first time documenting such an intimate journey, and I'll strive to be as open and honest as possible. If you have questions or thoughts, please share them. Let's empower each other to find our authentic selves and reclaim our well-being.


FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Q: What is jade egg training?
A: It's a holistic practice that strengthens the pelvic floor and enhances sexual and emotional well-being.

Q: Is it safe?
A: When guided by an expert like Manjit, it's a safe and empowering experience.

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